Find Your Happy in the Hive and Meet Blair Baumann


Find Your Happy In the Hive

Happiness is waking every day filled with excitement; wondering what we will create, how we will be challenged, and what lessons we will learn. Some days we get frustrated – every printer pitches a fit, and we have to put ourselves in time-out.  Sometimes, we’ll print a whole job and get to print it….again.  Then, there are those moments of shear perfection…the times we look at each other and know we’ve produced something magnificent! Mostly, we laugh – with each other and with our amazing, funny, open, and treasured customers.

In July, the Hive welcomed the visionary Blair Baumann to our team. Blair is a talented artist with a BFA from the prestigious Ringling College of Art & Design.  Her first words upon being hired were, “Let’s build an empire.”  I’m in! Pop by and meet Blair. She is a creative force, and I’m so happy she walked through the Hive’s doors at exactly the right moment.

Thank you for allowing us to design invitations for your special events.  We appreciate your teaching us and for your patience as we learn and improve. Thank you for ordering your stationery from us and keeping our new foil press hopping! Thank you for participating in our classes and getting your creative on in the Hive.

You make me happy! ~Merryman

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