History of the Written “Thank You.”


This Bespoke Hive Experience is designed for Groups of four or more people and scheduled at your convenience. (See bottom of the page)

When someone cares enough to give a gift, they deserve nothing less than the most thoughtful acknowledgement of their generosity.  Ancient Egyptians, always the trendsetters, scribed notes of gratitude on papyrus. In fifteenth century Europe, the art of writing and delivering beautiful hand written notes emerged as a popular social activity.

With invention of the stamp in 1840, note writing served as the nineteenth century’s version of the internet! People could easily connect from great distances.  In 1856, and industrious German immigrant brought greeting cards to America and the graphic art of stationery was truly born!

With email, texting, and flash communication, the art of the written note has dwindled over the last few years, but spend a day in the Hive and you will soon realize, paper and connecting through the written word are art forms still held dear by many.  Join us as we learn amazing history, traditions, etiquette, while refining our personal, writing style.

Taught by Merryman, Owner, Hive Design | Stationery | Gifts

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It is through creation that we truly reveal ourselves. We see this in the beehive as the bees create the honey together.  Our Hive workshops are designed as a group experience for you to co-create in the community you have chosen. Through our creative experience, you will begin to know yourself and each other on a deeper level. As you awaken and build trust and understanding in each other, you are better able to support and serve one another on a daily basis. We are empowered together!

Workshops are scheduled at your convenience and for groups of 4 or more participants. The person who coordinates the gathering with the Hive will receive half off tuition for 4 participants and free tuition for 6 or more participants. All participants receive 10% off on in-stock merchandise (excluding consigned items) the day of the workshop. Stationery workshops enjoy 20% off their order the day of the class.

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