Mini Astrological Reading with Vision Board


This Bespoke Hive Experience is designed for Groups of 3-6 people and scheduled at your convenience. (See bottom of the page)

Here’s the woo-woo! We all ask ourselves why we do the things we do and are the way we are. We can’t help but  wonder why we are hoofing around this beautiful planet, clumsily bumping into each other, and seeking meaning in our lives.  Join Merryman for a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign astrological reading where you will view yourself through a new lens. When we look at the unique snapshot of the stars on you on the day you were born – you will fall in love with yourself and witness ~ you were indeed are wonderfully made!

We will follow our mini readings with a brief examination of our soul’s purpose, (Is that possible?) and move into the creation of a vision board that honors each of us exactly where we are. Participants will be encouraged to use their vision boards in meditation and in gratitude for the Divine life they have been gifted.

Full astrological readings with Merryman are $175 and available by emailing All requests are confidential.

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The Bespoke Hive Experience. How to schedule your Hive workshop.

It is through creation that we truly reveal ourselves. We see this in the beehive as the bees create the honey together.  Our Hive workshops are designed as a group experience for you to co-create in the community you have chosen. Through our creative experience, you will begin to know yourself and each other on a deeper level. As you awaken and build trust and understanding in each other, you are better able to support and serve one another on a daily basis. We are empowered together!

Workshops are scheduled at your convenience and for groups of 3 and up to 6 participants.  All participants receive 10% off on in-stock merchandise (excluding consigned items) the day of the workshop.

You may schedule your workshop at your convenience by contacting the Hive at or call 704.616.1934. (Email is best!)

Our bespoke Hive Experiences are divine for birthday parties, girl’s night out, showers, bridal parties, office parties, or just for your tribe to take over downtown Gastonia for a few hours!