Sacred Drum Making Workshop with Robbie Warren


Saturday, January 13, 2018

10am until 6pm

Native American drums play an important part in many Native American Indian tribal celebrations and spiritual ceremonies. Through many songs and dances to the beat of the drum, the Native people find a close spiritual relationship with the Creator, the Great Mystery. The drums are recognized as their own living entity and hold a strong tie with the Creator. To many tribes the drum contains thunder and lightning and when it is played it helps to get the Creator’s attention and contacts the spirits of their Ancestors.

Includes materials and workshop. Registration closes on 3rd to ensure that all materials are available and prepared in a sacred way for the workshop.


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The Drum is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and a Medicine Tool used for centuries by all indigenous people for healing and celebration. When we connect back to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, the healing & balancing that we need comes easily. Each Drum is unique and carries its own sound and energy. What will your Drum sound like?

We will share the techniques of tying Drums using a continuous lashing (usually about 50 ft long) and tightening. This is a complex but very effective way to create a Drum. Each Drum will be different and unique and will take time to create. We will limit the number of participants to ensure that every Drum will receive the time and attention necessary.

The skins used for the Drum heads carry their own unique energy and medicine and it is important to keep those energies in mind as each Drum is created.

Handle of DrumElk Medicine is about stamina and has a curious type of warrior energy that teaches that pacing yourself will allow you to go the distance.

Buffalo Medicine is knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation.

Deer Medicine teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are seeking healing and offers safety to those who are seeking peace.

Bear Medicine calls us to awaken the potential within ourselves and the power of our unconscious mind.

Horse Medicine represents freedom and power and brings safe passage into the new.

Moose Medicine uncovers the depth of who you are and aligns you with your inherent wisdom.

Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing, has been blessed with unique insight and connection to the Spirit World.  Her gifts have come naturally and have been developed and nurtured by surrounding herself with gifted teachers and Medicine People from many cultures around the world

16″ Round Deer-$220, Elk-$240, Buffalo-$260, Moose/Horse-$300

COST – includes materials and workshop. Registration closes on 3rd to ensure that all materials are available and prepared in a sacred way for the workshop.

16" Drum Skin

Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Moose, Horse