About Our Shop


The Hive is a custom design house

creating with greater intention

A sapling grows into a tree giving us the precious air we need to live. It provides us food, shelter for God’s creatures, and paper. Ahhhh….wonderful paper! Making paper is an art. Add the designers, the sellers, the writers, their recipients, and all those emotions and you have a swirling mass of energy! We love paper – finding it, feeling it, designing on it, and selling it!

As the Hive’s invitation design business has grown, so has our desire to create beautiful stationery and cards to accompany our heartfelt aesthetic.  When we met Lore Spivey, with her honed laser skills, we immediately knew we’d found a partner in creating something very unique in the paper world.  We’ve designed our crisp, white felt Bespoke and Be One series of stationery and calling cards, and Lore has brought them to life with her laser.

Creating with intention is the Hive’s greatest priority, so as we developed the Bespoke line, we were inspired to add sacred geometry liners allowing the laser work to really pop!  We love the symbolism of sacred geometry as each of us is an individual, but our lives are interwoven.  Together we create a beautiful pattern making the sum is greater than our individual parts. We are one!

We adore what we have created and delight in sharing it with you. Each liner is blessed with loving intention for all whose hands they pass through. Everyone is worthy and held in love.

Our Hive gift sets are exquisitely banded with our laser “honor the flow” bee card and satin ribbon. For a truly exceptional presentation, you may add the Hive’s 100% cotton gift box in gold or tobacco.  Folks flip over the box alone and know they have received something very special!

Thank you for the opportunity to create for you. We honor you as we honor our Creator’s infinite flow!

Come visit! ~ Merryman Cassels

beautiful merryman