A Honey of a First Birthday!

Hive letter sept
Birthdays abound this month! This September, the Hive turns one and I officially become a “woman of a certain age.” Thinking back over the last year, I am awed to be granted this mid-life opportunity at the same time downtown Gastonia is reawakning.  As the Hive evolves, we are finding new uses for that which was once thought of as “old.”

The Hive is making our waste paper into new paper and using it for a line of cards we will launch this month.  They will feature the funny, sometimes inspirational words folks quip as we share few moments together in the Hive.   We are also using cotton waste to make coveted 100% cotton paper for our stationery – the sort of paper traditions are built on.  In addition to our foil press, we are partnering locally for letterpress services. As we’ve explored these processes, we’ve discovered the Hive’s true identity. We are a design house.We create with a keen eye on our environment and a loving arm around our community. When you choose to work with the Hive for your special invitations, you will know you are the reason we are here.

This has been a year – one filled with laughter, learning, stretching, community, and some fear. Folks have come together in classes or just browsing and shared moments of insight, sparks of recognition, and glimpses of the Divine flow. It has been pure magic! Please pop in on Thursday, September 24th for cake and Cherry Lemon Sundrop (nectar of the Gods). Celebrate one year with us!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Merryman

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